French Fry Aftermath

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I’m in trouble–big trouble. I don’t usually make french fries because they’re a pain–cut & soak potatoes, fry at 325F, drain, turn up the heat, re-fry at 375F. Drain and salt.

All that has changed. Thanks to Cooks Illustrated, french fries are now ridiculously easy, and better than ever.

Take some Yukon gold or red potatoes (not starchy russets!) and slice into fries.

Toss them into the pot and cover with oil. Crank the heat up to high. Let them come to a boil and fry for another 10 minutes. Stir and scrape them off the bottom. Keep cooking on high and stir occasionally until they’re golden brown (about 25 mins. total), then remove with a slotted spoon and add salt. Best fries ever–crispy on the outside, creamy smooth on the inside, salty and hot.

You’ll notice that there aren’t any actual fries in the photo. That’s all that was left by the time we slowed down eating enough to go get the camera. Doomed, I’m doomed.